What to Expect

Student Driver Expectations:

  • Student drivers must have obtained their permit and have it present at all driving sessions.
  • Student drivers should wear closed-toe shoes for each lesson. No Sandals!
  • Student drivers will silence their phones and place them in a designated location within the vehicle.
  • Student drivers must follow any prescribed driving restriction listed on their driving permit.
  • Unflavored water will be permitted, however, no other food or drink is allowed in the car.
  • Sunglasses, hats, etc. will not be provided. If you would like to utilize one of these tools to reduce glare, please prepare those items in advance.
  • Only student drivers under contract with ESDS and scheduled for the specific time slot will be allowed in the vehicle during the behind the wheel lesson.

Driving Lesson Process:

  • You select a package based on location, age, and number of hours.
  • You will get an email with login information to our Student Portal
  • Login to the Student Portal to complete any parts of the registration that are remaining: contract, payment, permit information, and uploads.
  • Upload a picture of your permit, a high school transcript (if you completed driver education through the school), and your Certificate of Classroom Completion (when finished)
  • View available driving lessons based on the instructor's availability (if there are not available lessons, please email your instructor to see when their next availability will be)
  • You may schedule two (2) lessons per week
  • All behind the wheel instruction is completed in an automatic transmission vehicle. We do not offer lessons in a manual transmission vehicle
  • During the selected meeting time we will discuss the lesson goals and complete a behind the wheel session based on student driver progress
  • Afterwards we will return to the designated meeting location
  • We do follow the recommendations for the North Dakota Department of Transportation in regards to driving, so if 'No Travel is Advised' the lesson will be cancelled

Any questions?

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