Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed to get a license?
Do you offer Behind-the-Wheel Training?
How many hours of Behind-the-Wheel Training is required?
Do you offer a Driver Education Classroom Course?
Do I need to take a Driver Education Classroom Course?
If I just take the 30-hour classroom, does that count as Driver Education?
Do you offer the Road Test Waiver?
My son/daughter received a Certificate of Completion, now what?
My son/daughter didn't pass the Driving Skills Proficiency Test. What do we do now?
I want to sign up with ESDS. What do I need to get started?
My child took Driver Education at their school. Do they need to take your course?

Driving Requirements

Knowledge and Vision Test
Road Test
Fees and Documents
Age Requirements
Driver Education and Licensing

What to Expect

Student Driver Expectations:

  • Student drivers must have obtained their permit and have it present at all driving sessions.
  • Student drivers should wear closed-toe shoes for each lesson. No Sandals!
  • Student drivers will silence their phones and place them in a designated location within the vehicle.
  • Student drivers must follow any prescribed driving restriction listed on their driving permit.
  • Unflavored water will be permitted, however, no other food or drink is allowed in the car.
  • Sunglasses, hats, etc. will not be provided. If you would like to utilize one of these tools to reduce glare, please prepare those items in advance.
  • Only student drivers under contract with ESDS and scheduled for the specific time slot will be allowed in the vehicle during the behind the wheel lesson.

Driving Lesson Process:

  • You select a package based on location, age, and number of hours.
  • You will get an email with login information to our Student Portal
  • Login to the Student Portal to complete any parts of the registration that are remaining: contract, payment, permit information, and uploads.
  • Upload a picture of your permit, a high school transcript (if you completed driver education through the school), and your Certificate of Classroom Completion (when finished)
  • View available driving lessons based on the instructor's availability (if there are not available lessons, please email your instructor to see when their next availability will be)
  • You may schedule two (2) lessons per week
  • All behind the wheel instruction is completed in an automatic transmission vehicle. We do not offer lessons in a manual transmission vehicle
  • During the selected meeting time we will discuss the lesson goals and complete a behind the wheel session based on student driver progress
  • Afterwards we will return to the designated meeting location
  • We do follow the recommendations for the North Dakota Department of Transportation in regards to driving, so if 'No Travel is Advised' the lesson will be cancelled

Any questions?

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